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Pain & Stress Management Courses

Vitality Centre has a listing below of online courses that are related to either Pain Management or Stress Management.

We hope that you will find something here to help with the overall management of your pain levels and stress levels between your massage therapy visits.

There is no reasoning behind the list as to the order of courses.

At times you might come across a course that you might question as to whether it relates to pain or stress management at all. Not to worry...

Some of the courses may be added just for fun! We all need a little bit of fun in our lives.

So let's get started... these courses are low cost and they have great reviews from those who have already taken the course.

Each course will have a clickable image and a clickable link to the full course details.


Posturecise - How To Create A Healthy Posture Habit For Life


Posturecise Pro-How To Age Well With True Posture Confidence


How to Get Rid of your Back Pains in Just a Few Days


Relaxation Techniques to Release Office Stress


Hopefully these courses will give you some of the necessary skills to be able to handle your pain and stress in a way that makes it more manageable between your massage therapy visits.

Also there is a free book below that might also be of help to you.

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