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Did you know that we also sell Affordable, Portable, Quality Constructed Infrared Saunas!

These Infrared Saunas are affordable, portable, easy to assemble, require no plumbing, and are quality constructed. Wouldn't it be nice to get up in the morning or come home after a hard day at work and take a therapeutic holiday in your very own radiant heat sauna?  

Experience the therapeutic power of radiant heat with all the benefits of detoxification, pain relief, stress relief, weight loss, relaxation, and much more ... home saunas that make a difference! 

In looking at the cost of purchasing your own infrared sauna, it can be as low as $8.00 a day for a year. While you pay for your sauna, if you smoke, kick the habit, you will be paying less a day on your very own sauna and in the process reaping the benefits of regaining your health!

We Take Pride In Selling These Infrared Saunas ... because we know that they are Quality Constructed ...  just like a fine piece of furniture. This ensures the quality of each sauna unit that we sell.  For those interested in purchasing a sauna there are locations in Calgary, Red Deer, Regina and Saskatoon to view and/or try out an infrared sauna before you buy. It only makes sense to see and test out a purchase such as this...there are many different infrared saunas on the market and you need to be sure of what you are purchasing. Fill out the form on the "Contact Us" page to Request A Brochure. 

Not quite ready to purchase one of your own ...

Still not convinced...then you can view the infrared sauna for yourself in Calgary, Red Deer or Saskatoon. If you can't make it in yourself, have a relative or friend in Calgary, Red Deer or Saskatoon view it for you. Get them to give you some feedback!

All the sizes available are not listed above. Please call us for details on custom orders.

Call Now For Prices & Special Discounts! Request A Brochure by filling out the form at the "Contact Us" page.


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***Also in Borden on Monday's and Wednesday's


For Sauna Sales in Saskatoon & Calgary

Saskatoon (306) 290-5945

*If outside Saskatoon please fill out the Contact Us form and I will contact you*



 (Registered Massage Therapist with over 20 Years Experience)

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