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Did you know that coping with chronic pain and stress every day can play a major role in how you feel about yourself? Don't try to go it alone... book your appointment now to see if therapeutic massage can help you. There are many areas of the body that can truly benefit from massage therapy!


Your ability to manage your life becomes harder as you focus daily on the pain and stress.

With this in mind, Vitality Centre has put together a plan to help clients alleviate their pain and stress through therapeutic massage, infrared sauna therapy, color therapy, and other natural detoxification methods.

Also did you know that massage therapy works very well as a preventative method of maintaining optimal health.

Click on Vitality Centre's available packages to see how you can reduce your pain and stress naturally through trigger point massage and deep tissue massage.

Achieving Optimal Health For Some People May Require Going On A Personal Journey Of Self Awareness  

Through encouraging our clients to follow a "Conscious Living" lifestyle, with the focus being on natural elimination of toxins from the body, we believe this will assist clients towards improving their overall health.

Although our focus is on pain and stress management, it is never too soon for anyone to start a Preventative Maintenance Plan for their health and well being. There are numerous massage therapy benefits!

"Imagine if you could have more control over your health" For some people the first place to start is to change the way that they handle pain and stress!

 Vitality! Energy! Peace of Mind! Perfect Health! Prosperity! Happiness!

   We all dream of having the perfect life ...

For some people this is a reality, but on the other hand there are people who are dealing with constant pain and stress every day, and it becomes a challenge for them to just make it through the day.
Pain and stress for some people can be debilitating. The benefits of massage therapy for pain and stress are numerous.Some forms of pain and stress may never completely go away, but there are many ways of coping with pain and stress, and Vitality Centre offers clients some natural choices that can help to alleviate their pain and stress.



Reducing pain and stress levels can be significant in helping you to cope better throughout the day and therapeutic massage therapy will aid in reducing these high levels of stress.  

We all know that pain and stress can be caused by numerous different things, and one persons diagnosis may not be another person's, however, the pain and stress levels may be the same. For the sake of following what we call a "Conscious Living" lifestyle we will just focus our attention on one known cause of pain and stress, which can be due to being exposed to chemicals, toxins and environmental pollutants that are in our environment today.

In learning all of the massage therapy techniques it becomes evident that there is a focus on the importance of eliminating toxins from the body. You'll also discover that the benefits of using far infrared saunas can be helpful in reducing these levels. 

Have you ever wondered if all the chemicals, toxins and environmental pollutants that we hear about in the news is harming our health? The answer should be "Yes" because research shows that we are exposed to toxins, chemicals and environmental pollutants on a daily basis.

Did you know that these toxins, chemicals and environmental pollutants that we are exposed to can also play a role in causing pain, stress and numerous other health related symptoms for some people? Massage therapy can benefit the release of some of these toxins,

How is that possible?

Does that mean that if chemicals, toxins and environmental pollutants are a threat to our health, that the ones that are affecting our health will no longer be used?

Unfortunately not...

Add in the fact that men, women and even children are being exposed to chemicals, toxins and unsafe environments on a daily basis and you can see why sitting back and doing nothing about preserving your optimal health or making it better, is not an option.

It's up to everyone to become knowledgeable about what may be harming their health by teaching themselves and their families what to avoid so that they can limit their exposures. This is where a "Conscious Living" Lifestyle will serve you well. 

An example of a "Conscious Living" Lifestyle would be to focus on "Conscious Living" for optimal health. What can "You" do on a daily basis to make a conscious effort to improve your health or even maintain your optimal health status.

Quite a few people have chosen massage therapy and other alternative therapies such as infrared sauna therapy as a preventative measure for optimal health. 


Vitality Centre's focus is to provide services and products that are geared towards helping you to manage the pain and stress in your life, with a focus on achieving optimal health through toxin elimination, massage therapy and other methods.

We believe that through therapeutic massage, infrared therapy, color therapy, natural detoxification and by encouraging clients to follow a "Conscious Living" Lifestyle, that you will be better equipped to handle your pain and stress.

Vitality Centre prefers natural detoxification methods as listed in the services provided area and in the packages provided area.

Have you ever thought of what might be some of the things that may be contributing to your stress? Below is a breakdown of what we call:


                                                            The Stressables

 10 % Traffic

10 % Relationships

50 % Money

20 % Work

10 % Illness & Death

For some the above percentages hold true, for others it changes daily depending on what they are dealing with in their life. The bottom line is that we are all dealing with a go-go-go society that only keeps demanding more from us.

This added pressure leads to stress and stress can rear it's ugly head in many ways, especially if we are not taking care of our health and well being. There are so many benefits of getting a massage.

We tend to have a maintenance plan for our car, a maintenance plan for our homes and place of business, but so often we forget about ourselves and do not have a Preventative Maintenance Plan for our health and well being.

Isn't it time to start a preventative maintenance plan for your health and well being today! Book your massage therapy appointment now.

Visit our online store to view some helpful aids. Also check out these natural pain relief options.

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