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Naturally Regain Your Health

Regaining your health begins with finding natural solutions to your health issues and taking measures to resolve them. Check out the products at this website, you'll be glad you did!


Natural Skin Care Solutions For Men and Women

A natural skin care solution for both men and women. Try'll like it!


Click Here - From The Author Tracy Tomiak

Living with chronic pain is a tough journey and one that requires concrete solutions. Having a Soft Heat Sauna in our home has been one of my most effective pain management tools. The soft, penetrating heat allows me to stretch, relax and heal. Owning one has allowed me the flexibility of using it when my pain level dictates that I need relief. My Soft Heat Sauna is priceless because of the quality of life it has helped me to regain and maintain.

Tracy Tomiak

Author of Thriving Not Just Surviving-Living Abundantly With Pain 


Click Here - Photography Of The Canadian Rockies

Vic Panei has been an avid outdoor enthusiast for many years. He has the perfect eye for capturing unique photos and if you visit Vic's Galleries page on his web site you will know exactly what I am talking about. We were fortunate enough to be able to get some of Vic's photo's that were blown up and mounted onto a hard backing. The clients that come into Vitality Centre can not believe that our the pictures on our walls were originally from a photo. If you would like to visit Vic's website click on the link above. If you contact Vic please let him know that Cliff referred you. If you would like to own one, see the information below.

To order Vic's prints go to our "Panoramic Images" page to the left for pricing details.


Click Here - For All Your Computer Needs

Without a doubt Mike Hawkins is your # 1 computer support tech. Mike has helped us out of numerous jams in trying to get our computer systems up and running. He offers affordable pricing for businesses and individuals in computer support, computer repairs, and computer sales. Mike is based in Calgary and has had a great deal of positive feedback from his existing clients. Visit his website by clicking on the link above. If you decide to use his services please let him know Cliff referred him.


To make a booking for therapeutic massage please call

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Registered Massage Therapist At Two Locations In Saskatoon

Pinehouse/Lawson Clinic 211 Pinehouse Dr


Clinic In Confederation Superstore 


***Also in Borden on Monday's and Wednesday's


For Sauna Sales in Saskatoon & Calgary

Saskatoon (306) 290-5945

*If outside Saskatoon please fill out the Contact Us form and I will contact you*



 (Registered Massage Therapist with over 20 Years Experience)

  MTAS Member





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