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"I consider myself an outdoors fanatic, and by fanatic, I mean spending something like 90 days snowshoeing, hiking/scrambling and bicycling from Jan. 1st. to Aug. 31st., 2003. I have been visiting Cliff weekly on a regular basis for the last 4/5 years. Without a doubt in my mind, I can say that, without my regular Monday's massage treatment from Cliff, I wouldn't be able to enjoy so many days in the outdoors. Cliff "Knows His Stuff" and every time I walk out of his office after a treatment, I'm all set for the outdoors again".

Vittorio Panei

Calgary, Alberta


"There is only one downside to receiving therapeutic massages from Cliff McTavish! When you leave you wish you could come back every day!! Why? Because Cliff is competent and compassionate! As a middle aged woman, I seem to be prone to more aches, pains, & injuries. Cliff always is able to pinpoint the problem immediately and goes to work to relieve my pain & is always successful."

Dr. Lorraine M. Wright

Calgary, Alberta



What is Therapeutic Massage?

Therapeutic Massage is a form of deep tissue massage that benefits all of the body systems. Trigger point therapy is used with this deep muscle massage, which helps the body to release pain, toxins, stress and tension from the body.  

When the Body Systems are functioning at their most optimal levels, a feeling of harmony and balancing takes place within the body. If the body systems become too stressed there can be an imbalance causing one or more of the body systems to be effected. 

The Body Systems:                                                              

  1. Skeletal Structure & Joints
  2. Nervous System
  3. Digestive & Waste Removal
  4. Respiratory System
  5. Circulation of Blood & Lymph
  6. Muscle & Soft Tissue

It's ironic that we find it important to set up a preventative maintenance plan for our cars, our house, our appliances, our business ... but isn't it just as important that we take the time to set up a preventative maintenance plan for our own well being and health... 


Take the time to develop a preventative pain & stress management program for yourself... we have set up the perfect  Pain & Stress Management Package for corporates, individuals and groups.  Ask about our Group and Corporate Discounts. Check Our Packages Listing Weekly for Specials! 

Treatments Available For:

  • Sports Injuries/Massage                   Back Pain
  • Tension Headaches                         Sinus headaches
  • Migranes                                           Bursitis
  • Fractures                                          Edema
  • TMJ                                                  Scoliosis
  • Arthritis                                             Whiplash
  • Tendonitis                                        Shin Splints
  • Tennis/Golfer's Elbow                      Chronic Bronchitis
  • Emphysema                                     Pregnancy
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome                 Fibromyalgia
  • Thoracic Outlet Syndrome               Trigger Points
  • Cerebral Palsy                                 Paralysis
  • Muscle Spasms                               Poor Circulation
  • Poor Digestion                          
  • Neck & Shoulder Pain
  • Stress & Sleep Disorders  
  • Abdominal Discomforts  

Out Calls Are Available With A Confirmed Booking - a confirmed booking is paid for prior to the Out Call appointment time

Out Calls are ideal for the corporate or office settings and can be used to reward your employees by offering them a day of chair massage. For individuals not able to come in for massage therapy we can also arrange for the therapist to do therapeutic massage or chair massage on an Out Call basis.  


To make a booking for therapeutic massage please call

(306) 290-5945

Registered Massage Therapist At Two Locations In Saskatoon

Pinehouse/Lawson Clinic 211 Pinehouse Dr


Clinic In Confederation Superstore 


***Also in Borden on Monday's and Wednesday's


For Sauna Sales in Saskatoon & Calgary

Saskatoon (306) 290-5945

*If outside Saskatoon please fill out the Contact Us form and I will contact you*



 (Registered Massage Therapist with over 20 Years Experience)

  MTAS Member

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