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If you are in the market for an Infrared Sauna, you’ll want to check out these models.

Take the time to have a close look at what we have to offer, you won’t be sorry!

These saunas are beautifully constructed as you’ll see with this two person infrared sauna model that would look great in any room.  

Check Out Some Of The Important Questions Below That Should Be Asked Before You Purchase Your Infrared Sauna:

**(Don’t think for a minute that buying the least expensive infrared sauna is better… in reality there are quite a few differences in the infrared saunas that are available to purchase.

When buying a large ticket item such as this, please don’t let a few hundred dollars be your deciding factor.

When you purchase your sauna from a qualified sauna representative the outcome is that you can rest assured it’s exactly what someone looking for a high quality infrared sauna would expect.

Remember not all infrared saunas are the same…if your reading this page you are likely price shopping for the best deal on an infrared sauna. “Less Expensive” does not always mean that you will be saving anything in the long run…

How about this two person infrared sauna that is small enough for any size apartment. It would also fit nicely in some bedrooms.




Pride shows throughout in these quality constructed infrared saunas that are finished to exact detailed specifications from a qualified sauna representative.

How about this three person corner unit infrared sauna that is beautifully constructed and would look great in any room!

Less expensive may mean that you’ll be paying out a lot more money over the years in electrical costs, repairs and overall “frustration!” Read more by clicking here to read an article you don’t want to miss!

Call the number below and we will go over some very important details with you so that you can make an informed decision based on the opinions of someone who has been selling infrared saunas for years!

What’s the hurry … once you have all the details on these Saunas … you’ll know the difference!

Check out for yourself all the Infrared Sauna benefits… for the whole family!

Let us tell you why we are sure that you will be buying an affordable, quality constructed infrared sauna.

Infrared Sauna Models Available In: 1 person, 2 person, 3 person, 4-5 person and Corner Units

ETL Approved
No Plumbing Required
Plugs Into Any Standard Outlet
Minimal Electrical Consumption
Easy To Assemble & Very Durable
Surround Yourself In Sound
Lifetime Warranty On Heat Emitters
5-Year Warranty On Electrical Components
Quality Constructed
Modern Technology
And More

So are you looking for an infrared sauna for the home or business? These quality constructed infrared saunas fit the bill. 

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Infrared Sauna

Some Important Questions To Ask Before You Make Your Buying Decision

1.  How long has the infrared sauna been manufactured?

2.  How does the heating system work?

3.  Are the saunas ETL certified?

4.  Are there any toxic materials that will off gas?

5.  What is the warranty?

6.  What type of wood can I choose for my sauna?

7.  What sizes are available?

8.  Will my electrical bill be considerably higher?

9.  What are the standard features?

10. Do you use tempered glass or plexi-glass?

11. What are the shipping costs?

12. Do you have a sauna set up in a commercial location?

Buying a sauna is a huge investment so make sure that you get all your questions answered to your satisfaction before proceeding!

Do you have limited space or a small bedroom? This one person infrared sauna would fit the bill nicely for smaller spaces.


From The Book DETOXIFY OR DIE By Dr. Sherry A. Rogers, M.D.

“I was looking for treatments that were natural, but inexpensive and definately not high-tech! But when you realize the lifelong incapacity and expense of diseases such as chronic pain syndromes, heart disease, chemical sensitivity, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, migraines, Alzheimer’s, cancer, or any others caused by chemical toxicity, a sauna is cheap. Let’s face it: high tech pollution requires high tech solutions.” “I’m convinced that the Far Infrared Sauna is something that everyone should do to restore health, and then continue to do on a less frequent basis to maintain the “cleaned” state for the rest of their lives.”

From The Book Thriving Not Just Surviving-Living Abundantly With Pain By Tracy Tomiak

“Living with chronic pain is a tough journey and one that requires concrete solutions. Having a Soft Heat Sauna in our home has been one of my most effective pain management tools. The soft, penetrating heat allows me to stretch, relax and heal. Owning one has allowed me the flexibility of using it when my pain level dictates that I need relief. My Soft Heat Sauna is priceless because of the quality of life it has helped me to regain and maintain.”


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