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Like a special flower that only blooms depending on the special care & attention it gets…

Vitality Centre takes special care and attention in providing the services & products for clients that will put “VITALITY” back into their life!

Vitality Centre Therapeutic Massage Services

Therapeutic Massage With Trigger Point Therapy

1/2 hour $35.00 | 1 hour $60.00 | 1 & 1/2 hour $95.00

**Senior One Hour Therapeutic Massage: $55.00

Chair Massage

15 min. & 30 min. Sessions – $15.00 & $30.00

To book your therapeutic massage appointments please call 306-290-5945 for availability.

♥Take the time for yourself to relax and enjoy a therapeutic massage with trigger point therapy.

A therapeutic massage will help you to relax however this type of massage is not just about relaxing the body, it’s about working out the knots that can be found located in the trigger point areas of the body.

Trigger points over time can knot up and cause a lot of pain. For example the trigger points in the back or neck can become tight and cause upper back pain, lower back pain and headaches.

Knowing which trigger points to focus on in addressing your pain concerns is key to working with the trigger points of the body. Having pain in one part of the body may be due to a tight trigger point radiating from an entirely different area than where your pain is actually located. 

Give us a call now to make a booking for your therapeutic massage with trigger point therapy! 


Registered Massage Therapist Saskatoon | Borden | Langham 


♥Pinehouse/Lawson Medical Clinic 211 Pinehouse Dr

♥Medical Clinic In Confederation Superstore

***Also in Borden on Monday’s and Wednesday’s

***Langham Bookings Available On Request 


For Infrared Sauna Sales in Saskatoon & Calgary

Please call Saskatoon (306) 290-5945

♥Outside Saskatoon please email us at requests(at) for infrared sauna information and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Visit Our “Infrared Sauna” Page for more details


♥Send a Special Massage Therapy Gift to someone you know in Saskatoon, Borden or Langham. Call Us – We’ll Arrange Everything For You

Registered Massage Therapist with over 20 Years Experience MTAS Member

*Injury Rehabilitation *DVA Approved *MVA *Insurance Claims & *Health Insurance Benefits

Please ask about our Direct Billing availability for massage therapy when booking your appointment.

To make a booking for therapeutic massage in Saskatoon, Borden or Langham please call (306) 290-5945